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Below Some video of my babies on you tube
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Sebby's Den http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FGoyfHXQ70
Onie Talking Sphynx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mO6DZ0g1P1w
Onie Talking Sphynx 2 http://youtu.be/FuTpcWPKmfw
Sebby Fetching like a puppy http://youtu.be/QGX6qpRl_lA
Sebby Onie playing http://youtu.be/WAvJ68T7HjE
Wispa on the tree http://youtu.be/1UR6D7CaUeI
Viva laser play http://youtu.be/Od3fBu87uls
Viva waking up http://youtu.be/Od3fBu87uls
Viva watching tele http://youtu.be/KE2E3jW9Uvo
Sphynx Cat tree http://youtu.be/SkB5bgZtG6w
Sebby's Loudes Purr http://youtu.be/Emqz1Wvo39E
Sebby loves Onie http://youtu.be/oJTWkTSS2YQ
Sebby Tunnel playing http://youtu.be/RHOugsCC_f8
Tiffany Playing http://youtu.be/Zn3VUZ9GTh8
Safari massaging Wispa Wispa http://youtu.be/-GOB1o0Jibo
Summer Balcony http://youtu.be/1UR6D7CaUeI

Tiffany's Kittens born on 13/08/13

Kitten 1 few hours of age http://youtu.be/Bg7mOKPov_0
Kitten 2 few hours of age http://youtu.be/LJ1U5dXqiKI
Tiffany Breast feeding http://youtu.be/kI1yX8zgcdY
Tiffany after labour & delivery http://youtu.be/OJrQiHaVyWM
Kittens at 4 days of age http://youtu.be/oY1xG7nsBu8
Kittens at 11 days of age http://youtu.be/LmqOOyQCpTU
Tiffany & kittens at 2 weeks http://youtu.be/V64pACF8GbQ
Tiffany & boy at 3 weeks http://youtu.be/yhIDkXM_MUI
Kittens 1st interaction with me http://youtu.be/OzaKgGT4HFk
Kittens 1st interaction http://youtu.be/Qjo_-zwSzp4
Tiffany with Kittens http://youtu.be/lBoTqcNi2pE

My Toy Poodles videos

Betty playing with cat toys http://youtu.be/Q-72YqBxnS0
Betty loves her water play http://youtu.be/K_easlCfoFU
Betty in the swimming Pool http://youtu.be/Xnr5reJmPeY
Betty & Safari toy sharing http://youtu.be/dFruu_UrqKw
Betty dog flap learning http://youtu.be/FOUUCoor_Qk
Betty's Puzzle http://youtu.be/AmvVQMQUICk
Betty water hose play http://youtu.be/zPMa0PNkozY
Mickey's 1st day (8 weeks) http://youtu.be/4EPTG8e1uS4

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