Posh Persians  

of Nefertiti


My Parti Toy Poodles Betty & Mickey
Part means they have 2 colour pattern

I shall be breeding them too ... Watch for a new sub page end of 2014

You can Some videos of my babies on you tube, go to my links page

Betty 1st day 16 weeks un-groomed

Betty 1st Grooming

Betty loves her water play
Wait till the her new swimming pool arrives


Swimming pool arrived ... youuuhoooo .. wipeeee

I wish I was a cat, then I can jump on the cat tree as well ...

Picture Below:  I placed different sized fences in the garden to make it puppy safe,
also covered the soil with purple gravel stones, pruned cut the low lying leaves & branches.
Betty been digging in the soil & snapping the leaves & even biting flower stems that have thorns (OUCH...)
I also noticed loose-ish stools for the 2nd time now. So this should resolve the issue.
Have not done any gardening since my last Dog few years ago...

Having pets does not only give you joy but also keep you fit & healthy (walks, Gardening, cleaning etc...)

 Mickey - Future Betty's husband @ 8 weeks & 2 days - before & after a trim

Mickey & Betty loved each other from 1st site


Mickey & Luna (5 weeks kitten)

Yum Yum

Oiy ... go find a new bed, we like it here !!! ...

Siesta whilst watching TV

Mickey's New friend


Mickey & Onie sharing the heat pad

Betty & Onie - Best Friends cuddling

Lion Cuts - Were needed for Betty & Safari

Betty had to be groomed after developing knots from a hair wash
But she is such a darling & looks lovely...

Mickey celebrating his new hair style

Mickey & Betty (before the 2nd grooming)

Mickey & Betty (after the 2nd grooming)

Betty always finds her comfe space ...

My babies drag their beds everywhere to suit them, but who thought
they will build a bunk bed ? how sweet ...awww.....

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