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MiroChipping Service

Protect your Pets
(Cats, Dogs, Rabbits & other)
Pets are lost without it

Every dog owner in England will have to microchip their animal from 2016 under plans intended to cut a rise in strays.
The microchips will be coded with owners' details, and owners who do not comply could face fines of up to 500

We only use mini Microchips

Standard chipping available on request

Standard Microchip
12 mm x 2 mm

Standard vs.
Mini Microchip
8 mm x 1.4 mm

Our Price 15 per pet

We are based in Hillingdon

House / Cattery visits available at an extra cost

What is a pet microchip?

A microchip is a small capsule that is around the size of a grain of rice. It carries a unique identification number and is made of inert material so it won't be rejected by your pet's body. It has no power source and has a special cap to prevent movement once it has been professionally implanted.

Most pet microchips comprise three basic elements: A silicon chip (integrated circuit); a coil inductor, or a core of ferrite wrapped in copper wire; and a capacitor. The silicon chip contains the pet identification number, plus electronic circuits to relay that information to the scanner. The inductor acts as a radio antenna, ready to receive electrical power from the scanner. The capacitor and inductor act as a tuner, forming an LC circuit. The scanner presents an inductive field that excites the coil and charges the capacitor, which in turn energizes and powers the IC. The IC then transmits the data via the coil to the scanner.

These components are encased in a special bio-compatible glass made from soda lime, or a strong bio-polymer material, and hermetically sealed to prevent any moisture or fluid entering the unit.

What is the procedure for Mirochipping my pet?

The implantation is a quick and painless procedure that should hurt no more than a vaccination. In the case of dogs and cats this would be done just behind their shoulder blades by a qualified microchip implanter using a special pre-packed sterile needle. Your vet or local animal welfare centre will also be able to advise you where to have more exotic pets and fish or horses microchipped, as this a specialist procedure.

Why is microchipping important?

The importance of encouraging and promoting responsible pet ownership through pet microchipping as the preferred method of permanent pet identification has been recognised by all animal concerned organisations. Pet microchipping ensures we can reunite pets with their owners as quickly as possible.

Where can I get my pet microchipped?

You can get your pet microchipped by welfare centres, animal wardens, vets, even pet stores or independent microchip implanters. There is no set price for the pet microchipping. Each implanter will charge however much they wish so if you think it's too expensive, look elsewhere.

How does the Lost and Found Pet Service work?

After your pet is microchipped, the details will be registered with a Lost and Found Pet Service. If the worst happens and your pet goes missing, it is very likely that they will be picked up by an Animal Warden, or by one of the animal rescue organisations. These agencies are equipped with a special scanner which can read the lost pet's unique microchip number and this will enable them to find your details through the Petlog Lost & Found Pet Service which is open and accessible 24/7, 365 days of the year. You will then be contacted directly so they can reunite you with your missing pet. If your stray pet is found out of office hours, it is likely that a local authority will pick it up and hold it overnight. Animal Wardens will have access to the Petlog microchip database & other data basis and will search for your microchipped pet's details so that they can return your missing pet to you as soon as possible. For these reasons it is very important to keep your details up to date on the microchip database. If they are not accurate it can result in extra fees from a kennel, a longer period of distress for both you and your pet or at worst, your pet being re-homed.


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