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Kitten Care Guide


What to have before bringing your kitten home:

We Provide an optional ( for £ )- Kitten Starter pack
with all you need to get you started

* Foldable Cat carrier        

* Double bowl (food/water)

* Cat bed

* Royal Canin Dry food Babycat

* Cat Brush

* Litter tray with a scoop

* Scratch Post

* Best Cat Litter pack

* Mini bag of toys

* Kitten Care Guide


  • Plastic Litter Tray/Pan and Litter Scooper, make sure litter pan is large enough for kitten to place all four paws in and turn around. IT SHOULD BE A  LOW LEVEL LIP FOR KITTENS AND ALL LITTER BOXES SHOULD BE ABOUT 4 times bigger than the cat! Or they will not use it once soiled... small litter boxes can set cats up for failure!!! 
  • Food and water dish

  • After 1 year of age, I recommend: Royal Canine Indoor 27 or 35.
    f you intend to keep your cats indoors. This reduces the small by 50-60%

    See table below for feeding according to the age (or click here)

  • A warm and cosy area for Kitten to sleep start with the TV room or where you spend most of your time, they like to be able to see their new parents, and as the Kitten becomes accustomed to your home you may choose another area.  Kittens enjoy sleeping on a cozy cat bed, fluffy towel, or soft blanket.

  • Cat Scratcher  will prevent your furniture damage.

  • Cat Play Canter and Cat Toys are key. Kittens love Catnip!!!

  • Wide-tooth metal comb  & Soft metal teeth brush for grooming.
    (Optional: The Furminator : removes loose cat hair)

  • Cat nail clippers (optional ) ( I use standard human nail clippers )
  • Kitten Shampoo or Baby Shampoo

    Tips on how to Kitten-proof your home:

  • Make sure there are no open cabinets kitten may enter.
  • Make sure all rooms Kitten has access to have no open wiring or cords .
  • Make sure there are no high perches for kitten to fall from.
  • All vents should have a covering.
  • Make sure there is no food or beverages left in kitten area.
  • Make sure the floors do not have anything harmful that may hurt your Kitten’s paws.
  • If you have plants, keep them AWAY from your kitten’s reach.  Some household plants can be harmful and/or poisonous to cats when ingested OR use plastic nets all round them.
  • Fold or tie up your window blinds’ cord to keep it out of kitten’s reach.
  • Keep your toilet seat cover down as a precaution.
  • Make sure all fragile valuables are kept out of Kitten’s reach.
  • Always keep dryer and washer doors CLOSED. Cats like to crawl into them to take a nap.
  • What to do once Kitten is home:

  • Introduce Kitten to his/her designated area with fresh food and water ready
  • Make sure to introduce/place Kitten in the litter box
  • If Kitten seems scared or cries out for Mommy; bring Kitten close to your chest so he/she can hear your heartbeat. This should help ease the transition and help you bond with your new Kitten better
  • Give Kitten a small treat such as a piece of boiled chicken or a cat treat to let Kitten know that you are his/her friend.  Let your Kitten smell the treat first and then let him/her eat it.

    What to always have available for your Kitten:


  • Bowl of fresh, cold water and fresh dry food. I Recommend a Water fountain.

  • I recommend having a full bowl of fresh food out all the time.  Persian cats are very sensitive to smell and respond to the smell of fresh food.  By always refilling the entire bowl with fresh food you are preventing your kitten from overeating and developing obesity.  If your Kitten only sees a small amount of food available he/she will think that is all they have and may either overeat or not eat at all to save the food.  If you are very busy and cannot always provide fresh food I recommend purchasing a feeder. A feeder allows you to always have food available for your kitten and keeps it fresh.
    If there is still food left over in the bowl you can put the left over dry food back into the bag and mix it up with the fresh food. That way the bowl of food will always smell fresh to your Kitten!
    Another convenient way to keep dry food fresh is by storing it in Tupperware or specialized sealed containers to keep them fresh.
  • Clean litter box. I use Scoopfree self cleaning litter robot tray.
    I recommend cleaning the litter box daily to avoid any mistakes due to the box being full of waste.  
    Another way you can keep the litter box smelling fresh is by adding a little Baking Soda to the litter box.  Or you can purchase Arm & Hammer’s Litter Box Spray.  They both work well. Once the kitten is older, I recommend Bob Martin crystal litter with antibiotic, "Litter Pearls Wellness" or combination of both. After daily scooping, add a hand full at least, this will absorb quickly any bad smell.
  • Cat Scratcher or Cat Tree.
    Cats have a natural instinct to climb and scratch.  They need an outlet to use their nails and mark their scent.  By providing them with their own scratcher/tree you are preventing them from using your furniture instead!
  • Plenty of cat toys with catnip. Give access to water, food and litter box close while your kittens is playing.  

  • Do not keep all toys out at the same time because your Kitten will get bored of them.  I keep some toys out at a time and rotate them with the other toys.  This will keep your Kitten’s attention and make playtime more fun.


    How to transition your Persian Kitten to a new dry food formula


    Besides Royal Canin Babycat or Kitten other dry food:

    * Birth to 4 weeks * Mother Breast Milk
    * 1-4 months old * Royal Canin Baby Cat
    * 4-12 months * Royal Canin Kitten 36 formula
    * After 1 Year of age * Royal Canin Indoor 35 or 27

    How to groom your Persian Kitten:



    How to bathe your Persian Kitten:

    1. Fill up the bathroom or kitchen sink with warm water

    2. Dip your Kitten into the water and get the entire coat wet.  Do not dip Kitten’s head into the water.  Also try to avoid getting any water in Kitten’s ears and eyes.

    3. Take Kitten out of water and apply Shampoo to coat and lather up.  Again make sure to be very careful around the eyes and ears.

    4. Dip Kitten back into the water and rinse shampoo off thoroughly.

    5. Cats need two or three shampoos & rinses! One is not enough

    6. Drain the sink. You might need to use running water to rinse off any remaining shampoo.

    7. Dry your Kitten off with a towel


    How to bond with your new Kitten:

    Engage in playtime with plenty of toys


    Introducing your new kitten to your own cats



    Follow these steps when welcoming a new cat or kitten into your home.



    Easing The Transition

    Introduce your cat to your home gradually by following these helpful hints:

  • For the first day or two, keep your kitten confined to one room with a litter box, food and water. Let her become comfortable in this room before introducing her to the rest of the house.
  • After your new kitten is relaxed and acclimated, allow her to explore and roam the rest of the house.

    Children in the household

    Other pets


    Follow these steps for smooth introductions:


  • If one cat shows hostility toward another during the initial introductions, don't punish him; that action could backfire. Instead, start the whole process over again after separating the animals for a day or two
  • Respect each pet's territorial rights. If your older cat has claimed the living-room sofa as her favourite spot, allow her to keep that space as her own domain. Help your new kitten find a different spot she can call her own.
  • Establish separate but equal relationships with each pet to prevent jealousy.
  • If you have a dog, keep him on a leash at first, and monitor him closely. In the beginning, don't let him chase or bother your new kitten, and don't make your kitten remain in the same room with the dog if she's uncomfortable or scared.
  • Buy separate food bowels & try not to allow access of cats food to your dogs & vice versa.
  • If you have any question, we are here to help.

    Please write to me

    After all they were all my babies I raised since birth

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