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Posh Persians of Nefertiti

The Queen of Egypt

"Nefertiti"   is our GCCF registered Cattery Prefix

Inspired from the history of Pharaohs

Nefertiti means, “The beautiful one has arrived.”

Queen Nefertiti is one of the most famous women of the ancient world. Was known for her beauty.
She was the wife of Amenhotep IV. Amenhotep changed his named to Akhentaten in the 18th dynasty.
She ruled for 20 years alongside Akhenaten during the eighteenth dynasty (1550-1292 BC).
Her son in law was king Tut. she had six daughters.
When Akhentaten became king she made the egyptians believe in only one god {Aten the sun god} before he was pharaoh [king] the Egyptians believed in many gods {polytheism}. Nefertiti and her husband made a capital city called Akhentaten that had new art and architecture.

I am Stopping Breeding, I have the last of my kittens on discount

I am a "Hobby Breeder" based in West London,
aiming to breed blue eyed Colourpoint Persians aka Himalayan Persians from fine, healthy blood lines,
Show/Breeding quality. PKD & PRA Persian negative , FLV & FIV negative
DNA testing carried out for the above & to confirm the colour pattern

As a cat lover & a breeder, I make sure all my cats are loved & spoiled.
All my cats (babies & adults) live with me indoors as part of the family. Keeping them indoors will keep them
protected from possible abuse & diseases. They have full access to the whole house. They are groomed & cleaned regularly, receive a lot of love & they have a lot of love to give. They are spoiled with 3 "Cat Trees" many toys & the best facilities: 2 Scoop-free self cleaning litter boxes with Natural Biodegradable food-grade Litter, so their litter trays
are always ready for the next use, two Water Fountains with carbon filtration. All their utensils are cleaned regularly.
They are all micro-chipped or will be micro-chipped, vet checked & all treatments are kept up to date (vaccinations, worming, flea control). All my kittens are used to grooming, bathing & handling from a young age.

They feed on:  Royal Canin Mother & Babycat then "Indoor 27 or 35"

Having a Kitten will bring joy to you & your family.

I aim for my kittens to find the best loving homes in the world.

I do not & will NOT offer stud services,
hence keeping all my babies protected from possible viruses etc...

Member of :

The London Cat Club
(2 of my breeding cats)

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