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House Mates

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Sphynx - Persians - Toy Poodles

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My Sphynx Babies

 Onie                  Viva               Sebby

Osiris            Delaila

Sphynx cats are very vocal, loving, interactive & extremely friendly

My Himalayan ColourPoint Persians

Tiffany & Whispa

Luna & Safari





Jessica Rabbit



COCO Chanel


My Parti Toy Poodles
Betty &

Automated Set up & facilities

2 Self cleaning Litter trays with Crystal Litter
Water Fountain, Auto-feeder, clean litter box, Angel Care disposal unit, portable Dyson

My Inventions

Set up for kittens in my bedroom in the box for 2-3 weeks of age then they start wanting to come out
so, I place pads all over in a section of my bedroom & they stay there till 4-5 weeks of age
Upgraded Whelping Boxes below


My New Whelping box I built

3 Banana Leaf baskets, 2 heaters, one bar heater on the side & an overhead heater inside
It becomes the kittens playground a they grow, even adults love to play in it

After trying several options, this overhead heater (designed for hatched chicks)
is the best I have ever used, the newborn kittens & adults love it
they crawl under it to remain warm but not hot, they will not overheat
 & it is safe to touch, it is designed for that purpose so that newborns can touch it with their heads

At 5 weeks of age they move to a special  bibber & nicer area in the conservatory
till they learn to climb the fence :)

not used anymore, Kittens stay in my bedroom till old enough to roam the whole house

At about 8 weeks of age they join the whole population
A Balcony to get fresh air but still keeping all my cats indoors for their protection
Upgared to a better larger design - see below

Luna has learnt to climb this fence, so I had to buy a higher one (below)

Final Balcony set up. I made it higher, got rid of the PVC panels that are blocking my garden view
& created a roof with PVC panels on the top for sticky hot rainy days.
This has an easy to open door to exit to the garden.


Enjoying the evening at their Balcony

My Newest Veiling High Cat Tree

5 Microchip Petdoors so that only the dogs can go to the Garden but not my indoor cats
I had to improvise a bit as the panel has to be to the outside Which would be short-Circuited
for the Conservatory-garden door


5th Microchip to control access to my kittens who spend 6 weeks in my bedroom

My new improvisation pet gate on my window,
protecting the one cat who learned to jump onto the window shelf
Worked very well.


Did my invention work? not really, only 2 used it, video on facebook

Another invention to stop my dogs from eating my Kitten's food
Whilst providing free access to my kittens

Microchip feeder so kittens can only eat kitten food & dogs only eat dog food etc...

Below various pictures of my babies & Winners

Update :   Zara - aka Caramel from March 2014 Litter
have won 3 prizes in 3 categories @ Cat Show of:
The London Cat Club & Surrey & Sussex Cat Club
on 21/03/15
2016 update, she is a Champion now

Ella from Aug 2014 litter, have won 3 prizes in 3 categories
West of England & South Wales Society Cat Show

MarkAntony & Cara (Kittens of 2017) Winners
They are with a lovely new family
Thank you for taking such a good care of them



A Meercat or a Cat ?


They just love their Cat trees

True Love

This is what I call a Siesta

Enjoying the new Summer Balcony

New friendship between Onie & Safari

Dinner time

Spot the toy

A Queen

Safari - The Lion of the house

Safari  & Wispa - lovers on my Desk Chair

Khaleesi (7 months) with her 13 weeks Cousin

Zorro chilling by my head in bed :)

Zorro loves my dogs too

More Kitten - Dog love

The Bald & the Beautiful :) - both are beautiful - Onie & Zorro

Meal time

Onie - My Sphynx Cat enjoying the Pyramid Energy

What on earth is that? Alien ... both are wondering

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