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1 Kitten born on 19/10/14 to

Wsipa & Safari

I named him Romeo

& I am keeping my Romeo for my self as my future Stud

( @ 10:30 AM )

I watch my babies 24/7 with Cameras & Baby monitor
 I can access all the Cams from my iphone anywhere.
When a baby is crying, I look at the Cam straight away,
One can be struggling to get to nurse from his/her Mom
or gets lost behind their Mum needing help to get back to the front.

I spend the 1st 3 weeks, next to them, basing my self with them in my bedroom
 making sure they are ok. Giving them tummy massaging (vital to make sure they are eliminating)
Occasional drops of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer), some needed more than others
Placing them by their Mom - Tiffany - making sure they are breast feeding.

To read my 1st full personal experience of 2013 litter & summery of further litters
click on breeding
  page then "Personal experience"

Kitten the just after birth then after few hours,
a lot of effort is needed to make sure the Mum is nursing her babies.

Successfully Nursing , but may need help to place him/her on his mum's nipples at this stage

At 2 days of age

At 2 weeks of age

At 2 weeks of age

Romeo with a brother from another mother

At 5 weeks of age -  Peakabooooo

Romeo wants to become a Cliff Hanger

Romeo (5 weeks) with his Cousin (13 weeks)

Romeo to the left (8 weeks) with his cousin to the right


Romeo loves my dogs too

Romeo sleeps by my head :)

Romeo May 2015

Romeo June 2015 - almost 8 months of age. Still a kitten

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