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MESOMAX  Diamond - 4 in 1
1.Needle Free Mesotherapy - 2.
COLOUR Therapy
3.Diamond microdermabrasion - 4.Vacuum massage device

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For your new Business Opportunity & Venture:

Profit based on £80 - £150 per session, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year

Treatments per day

Daily Income
£160 - £300
£320 - £600
Weekly Income
£800   - £1500
£1600 - £3000
Yearly Income
£38,000 - £72,000
£76,000 - £144,000

Mesomax is particularly suitable for:

Beauty therapists
Wanting to enrich/renew their set of equipment with qualities such as efficiency, easy handling, and aesthetic impact and cost control in mind.
Travelling beauty services
(i.e. following fashion, media or sports professionals, etc.): light, adaptable and effective for very demanding clients.
New businesses
Where a small investment can offer multiple, effective services with great returns.
Businesses with beauty rooms
(Hairdressers, Perfume shops, Gyms, other): where rationalizing spaces cannot mean sacrificing high quality service standards.
Beauty schools
Aiming at improving/completing their didactic equipment.
More generally
Operators intending to diversify their services.



Facial , Neck & décolleté

Body Treatments



Mesomax Diamond -
4 in 1
1.Needle Free Mesotherapy - 2.
COLOUR Therapy
3.Diamond microdermabrasion - 4.Vacuum massage device

The Mesomax device made in Europe. Very solid design, original wood parts, true colour 7" touch screen.

No-needle Mesotherapy Equipment is high-effect, woundless and safe treatment, completely removes the traditional needle and micro-needle injection.

It takes electrophoresis , (method Nobel Prizes Winner in Chemistry in 2003), uses the electroporation and electroosmosis, by orientation, layer-oriented, ration to supply nutrition to the deep-seated cells, assist to melody the muscle, lymph drainage, promote metabolism, lymph and blood circulation, so as to decrease, wrinkles, whiten skin and keep moisture, improve cellulite, quicken fat dissolving and weight loss.

The treatment with Mesomax is pain free, unlike other similar machines that use Conventional short time (50-150 ms) high intensity DC power and/or RF - Radio Frequency that feels like 1000 needles & often painful & un-pleasant.

Compared to single skin care products, elctroporation delivers effective absorption of  products 2000 times more, thoroughly eliminates the problem of products staying only on the epidermis, can keep the skin young for a longer and shortens the period of treatment. Needle-free (aka No-needle) Mesotherapy is truly the brightness of beauty equipments in 2012.

Mosomax comes with 2 different size probes (one for face and one for body treatments) with built in colour therapy delivered by high intensity LED diodes.

The Mesomax probes have high advantage of wider surface area, hence covering all areas more efficiently & with less treatment waiting time for your patients.

The equipment has a full detailed built in help system (with more information on, treatments, mesoceutical substances, colour therapy, mesotherpay, body maps, contraindications, video tutorial and more...)


Needle-free mesotherapy by Electroporation

What is No-Needle Mesotherapy and how does it work?

Needle-free Mesotherapy, also known as injection-free, no-needle or virtual mesotherapy. Electroporation, is currently the most popular alternative to invasive injection beauty treatments. It holds the same benefits as more invasive techniques, yet is painless, non-bruising, natural, and safe. No-needle Mesotherapy has no side effects, is suitable for all skin types, and is the recommended treatment for those who believe in Botox or seek a holistic approach in lieu of needles. The process can be used as a supplement or an alternative to Botox, peels, antioxidants, laser resurfacing, topical creams, facelifts, and other anti-aging and preventative treatments. Electrophoresis uses the electroporation and electro-osmosis, allowing for maximum use of the water channel protein while transporting healthy ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly to the mesoderm, which are then quickly absorbed by the skin absorbing up to 2,000 times more than other traditional methods. The effects are significant

Origins of the treatment

The origins of Mesoporation come from two established treatment methods, Mesotherapy and Electroporation.

Mesotherapy is a system of trans-dermal skin delivery used in the medical field, in which micro-needles puncture the skin to allow the delivery of active ingredients deeper into the dermal layer.

Electroporation is a non-invasive electrical treatment which also carries active ingredients into the dermal layers.

  • Defined by Lee in 1994 as an injury aggression of the cellular membrane caused by electric discharges of high voltage and through pulses that enable formation of pores (pathways) in the cell.
  • 1º Cellular lysis by electrochemical mechanism
  • Increase of permeability to the access of substances towards the inner part of the cell
  • Electroporation has existed for almost 40 years. It is a physical method using short high voltage pulses to make the cellular membrane permeable.
  • Such permeability is feasible for ions, anti-bodies, RNA and DNA, drugs, medicine, etc.
  • Initially, it was used for transfer of genes to mouse cells.
  • In the 80’s the administration of macromolecules to eukaryotic cells “in vitro” was developed
  • In the 90’s it was used in the administration of active ingredients through a transdermal technique. Belehrader performed the first clinical study on the use of Electroporation in treatment of tumours with chemotherapy.
  • After that, the works by Heller, Mir, Gehl, Sersa, and many others followed
  • The trans-dermal transportation will be made through reversible electroporation.
  • The equipment provides high frequency currents, sending electromagnetic waves (EMW) of modulated and pulsed hectometric frequency
  • The high frequency current (alternating current) generates waves of high energy power, but with the same characteristics as the receiver (cell)
  • Electroporation is totally reversible. The whole process stops once the current stops with the cell restored to their original state instsntly.

How does mesoporation work?

How do the ingredients enter the body via transdermal mesotherapy?

Virtual mesotherapy replaces needles through different transdermal delivery mechanisms (electromagnetic waves, ultrasound, galvanic currents etc). The application of these systems on the skin cause the cell membrane micro-pores to open temporarily, which allows the active ingredients to enter via the epidermis and to be directly absorbed by the body. These are safe and harmless techniques for the skin, which allow the transport of any type of substance.

Dermarollers, galvanic currents (iontophoresis, hydroelectrophoresis), ultrasound (sonophoresis), RI thermotherapy (cataphoresis), electromagnetic waves (electroporation), cryoelectrophoresis and vacuum therapy are some of the most advanced transdermal delivery systems.

Thanks to virtual mesotherapy, patients can now take advantage of safe and pain free treatments, with no side effects and instant results.

The mesoporation method allows active ingredients to be delivered deep into the dermal layer without puncturing the skin.

The surface of the skin is disturbed and the cells are able to open temporarily by more than 400% to create tiny moisture channels or mesopores, which make it possible to transport large quantities of high molecular agents into the skin.

The depth of penetration ranges from the very superficial to a few millimetres. It delivers 99% of the prepared mesotherapy concentrates at a depth of 0.3 - 1mm. in contrast traditional iontopheresis delivers only about 10% of the product at the depth of 1mm.

Paths of Access:

  • Transcellular path: through the cells themselves, through the pores formed in the cellular membranes (pathways)
  • Paracellular path: circulating through the intercellular space, crossing lipids of the Basic Tissue
  • Transepidermal path: when a substance crosses the skin passing by the corneum layer barrier. The stratum corneum is a heterogeneous structure formed by flattened and interlaced Keratinized corneocytes; the intercellular space is composed of lipids.
  • Adnexal Penetration Path, It is done through the Sebaceous and Sudoriferous Gland
  • Pilosebaceous path: absorption through the epithelial cells of the sebaceous gland. The products that use it are non-ionic
  • Sudoriferous glands path: it is used by ionic products

Combined with COLOUR Therapy (aka phototherapy) will give you wider benefits & pleasant experience.
Click here for more details on
COLOUR Therapy

What are the risks and potential complications from No-Needle Mesotherapy treatment?

There are no risks or side effects. Treatments are generally described as comfortable but sometimes are said to feel like a 'pins and needles' sensation.

The benefits to your salon

  • Complete anti-ageing treatment concept that's EC and FDA approved
  • Complete anti-cellulite treatment concept also approved
  • Non-invasive treatment – no down time for your clients
  • No risk of injury or infection to your client
  • Can be used in conjunction with Diamond Microdermabrasion, COLOUR Therapy & Vacuum massage therapy
  • Can be used in conjunction with facial peels




Electroporation, light therapy,
diamond microdermabrasion,
vacuum massage for face and body
Display: 7" TFT 800x480 touch screen
Control of electroporation: Digital PWM modulation
Light sources: 3 colour LED diodes

Treatment accessories:
* 2 - electroporation probes for face and body ,
* 9 - diamond tips and 2 wands for microdermabrasion,
* 6 hand made glass-tubes for vacuum massage

Power supply voltage: 18V DC
Max. power consumption: 75W

Operating environment:
Operating temperature: +10°C to 35°C
Relative humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

Dimension & Weight: 380 x 330 x 240 mm  - 7.3 Kg


We use FILORGA & BCN Mesoceuticals for mesotherapy

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