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BCMA Registration Number IS013

All Courses are registered & approved by the BCMA
Our School  & teachings have been Inspected by an BCMA
To Practice in London, you need to belong to an association that have licence exemption Such as the BCMA
otherwise you will have to apply for a licence in every Borough you choose to work in

 All Courses are approved by 2 insurance companies that will provide our graduates with Professional Indemnity & public liability cover in the UK & Ireland

Certificated Course in the use of the Aqua Chi Hydro-stimulation system

Certificated Course in the use of: Ozone Therapy ( Next course on 11 Oct 2005 London)

Certificated Course in the use of the  Hopi Ear Candles
Please call us for dates
Some courses are provided by correspondence or combi of correspondence & attendance


All courses Include 1 year support for any questions you may have

The next dates the for Part A & B for The Diploma Course in Clinical Iridology

London, Dublin & Cork    



Dublin  19& 20 May, 16 & 17 June , 14 & 15 July 2007
London  20 & 21 Oct,  17 & 18 Nov,  19 & 20 Jan 2008
London 18, 25 Oct, 1,8,15,22,29 Nov 2007

Please call to confirm
Other Dates will be announced Later

In case of enough interest in the course in your area, extra dates may be arranged

I run several courses in the UK & abroad, attendance, correspondence & Combination of correspondence & Attendance leading to a practitioner diploma, & one-day Introductory Seminars.


The intensive course includes three modules ( A & B & C ) consisting of intensive:  A & B 4 days each either consecutive or spread over 2 week ends or 4 Thursdays, & part C (exam day)  Attendance of all days is a must. In between the modules & after module B, home study includes home works & case studies. An exam date Part C will be announced after the completion of both modules & submitting your case studies.


Combi of correspondence & attendance course includes attendance for 3 days, 1 day for each part A, B & C.

The most common & recommended, carried out on one to one basis.


Correspondence course: you will be posted or/e-mailed the course material in parts. Each part will be posted after the successful completion of the previous part.


All graduates receive a Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Iridology and are entitled to use the initials R.C.Ir. indicating that he/she is a member of the register of the School of Clinical Iridology. Graduates also qualify for professional indemnity insurance arranged by the school and membership to the BCMA (British Complimentary Medicine Association).



After successful completion of Part A, a certificate of attendance will be issued, leaving the students with a homework to do, & 8-10 case studies, to be sent by post to me to be corrected.

After successful completion of Part B & passing the exam, a certificate will be given, homework & case studies to present.

The course covers, in detail, the theory & practice of Iridology to practitioner standard leading to a certification in Clinical Iridology. All Students have to successfully complete a written & practical examination, submit ten case studies.

Only after successful completion of the requirements & after passing a written & oral examination, the student will obtain a practitioner diploma entitling them to obtain an Insurance & to join the association.

In case of unsuccessful completion of the requirements or failing the test, you will be given the chance to attend any part of future courses or one day refresher organised by us & re-sit the exam.

A fee will apply accordingly.


Course contents:

1. Introduction to the principles & philosophy of Iridology & the application of preventive & remedial health care.

2. The history of Iridology traced back from the twentieth century to ancient Babylonia & Egypt.

3. Iris anatomy & topography. The structure, anatomy & physiology of the eye. The Iris charts.

4. Human anatomy & physiology, with slides & illustrations. (Exemption will apply to practitioners with proof of successful completion of these two disciplines from another course )

5. The vocabulary of Iridology, iris signs & markings. The base colours.

6. The ten Iris Constitutions & how to identify them.

7. The body systems seen through the iris- *Digestive system, *Nervous system,*Cardio-vascular system, *Respiratory system, Urinary system, *Reproductive system, *Musculo-skeletal system, *Hormonal system, *Endocrine system, *endocrine & exocrine organs.

8. The elimination channels-bowels, skin, urinary tract, respiratory tract & Lymph.

9. Introduction to Natural Preventive & remedial measures including dietary guidelines, hydrotherapy, biochemical tissue salts, herbal preparations & detoxification & healing programmes related to the iris markings.

10.Successful practice management - building, promoting & running a successful practice.

1 Day Clinical Iridology Seminar

        You will learn the basics of Clinical Iridology & Diet-therapy. You will have the knowledge & skills to apply it on yourself, friends & family or on patients if you are already a therapist. All study materials will be supplied. Tea, coffee. herbal drinks, coffee substitutes, biscuits, Buffet & Healthy Lunch will be offered for NO extra charge.

        Part of the program will include:
Introduction, slide show, examining each other irises, case studies, photos of your eyes will be taken digitally, analysed as a team work & copies given to
you. (Equivalent to a Private Full Session with Dr N Succar)

        Venue: ( please contact us for confirmation )

        Cost: 150

        Places will be limited to 10 maximum , to give complete attention to every body.
To book your place contact us by e-mail, fax or phone
(contact info in Home page)

1-Day Seminar in Hopi Ear Candling

The course is run by Dr N Succar
We provide better understanding of diseases & Illnesses

Course Material

- Introduction
- History of Hopi Ear Candles
- How They Are Made
- How They Work
- Scientific Evidence / Anecdotal Evidence
- Indications and Applications
- Contra-indications
- Basic Anatomy & Physiology of the Ear
- Completing Client Questionnaire
- Keeping Records of Outcome, and Advice Given to Client
- Treatment Explained and Demonstrated
- Student Practical Session
- Advice on Insurance Cover
- Discussion

        Venue: ( please contact us for confirmation )

        Cost: 150 each for group or 200 for  one to one course

postgraduate course in Ozone Therapy

 Cost: 300.  Includes 1 year support for any questions you may have
 Please call us for details

This is a hands on course covering the theory & the practice.
During the course you will learn how to handle the equipment your self under Dr N Succar's supervision.

postgraduate course in use of the aqua Chi Hydro-Stimulation System

 Cost: 200. Includes 1 year support for any questions you may have
Please call us for details



To book your place contact us by e-mail, fax or phone (contact info in Home page)

 Detailed Iridology info


Please call or email us with your enquiry, or to book treatment sessions.


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