Please always consult your doctor before taking any of the remedies.

Mesomax Diamond - 4 in 1
1.Needle Free Mesotherapy - 2.
3.Diamond microdermabrasion - 4.Vacuum massage device

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Our Detox program will help cleanse the colon, eliminate disease causing bacteria & mucous, get rid of free radicals & at the same time providing the body with the essential minerals, amino acids & enzymes in the most natural & bio-available way (what is ingested is readily absorbed by the body)

 Themba Herbal Skin Cream



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Hopi Ear Candles


*Excessive or compacted wax in the ears.
*Irritations in the ears or sinuses.
*Pressure regulation in cases of headache, migraine sinusitis & rhinitis.
*Noises in the ears ( such as tinnitus).
*Energetic revitalization in case of hearing impairment.
*Local activation of the lymph & the metabolic process.
*Situation of he energy flow circulation.


The use of this ancient & natural therapy has been handed down to us by the peoples of Asia & North American Indians. It was through the Hopi Indians, a people characterized by their extensive knowledge of healing techniques & their great spirituality, that the practice of ear treatment candles reached Europe where they are widely used as well as in Canada & the USA.

From a purely physical point, one can distinguish between two temporal action phases. Firstly, a mild suction, which originates from the chimney effect of the burning process, & leads to a perceptible pressure regulation of the sinuses. Over 90% of patients treated describe this as a "relieved, lighter feeling" in the area of ears & head in general. In addition, the pressure flow circulates a concentrated vapour enriched with selected herbal extracts inside the ear, effectively protecting irritated zones. Secretion flow is gently stimulated & vapours collects & removes impurities or deposits. Most of these are carried away through the candle "chimney", although some of them can be found in the condensed candle wax residue after removal from the ear.

During the burning process, the silver-foil lining reflects a gentle, soothing flow of heat inwards. Locally applied heat always has the effect of stimulating peripheral blood circulation, which, in turn, strengthens the immunological defence system & enhances lymph circulation. The heat phase likewise stimulates the reflex zones & the energy points within the area of application. The whole process is pleasant & non-invasive. Recipients of the treatment regularly describe feeling an intensive yet harmonious relaxing & calming effect over the whole system.


Application is simple & is best carried out in a relaxed atmosphere. The recipient needs to be comfortable, lying on his/her side, while the therapist is positioned near the recipient's head. After lighting up the correct end of the candle, the other end  marked with red line, is gently but firmly inserted into the ear.

To satisfy the principle of balance, both ears need to be treated, one after the other. For adults the treatment of each ear takes between 10-15 minutes. In addition, a subsequent resting period of 5 to 10 minutes may be deemed advisable.

Manufacturing Process & Ingredients

Hopi Ear candles fit in with the upsurge in public demand for gentle, subtler, yet practical natural remedies. They are an all-natural product, prepared according to a traditional Hopi Indian extracts of honey, & bees wax. A constant high quality is ensured. Some slight variation in colour or length of candles is usual, & may be seen as a sign of craftsmanship & an expected feature of an all-natural product.

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Eyestrain...........................Tired Eyes...........................Meditation

Ophtalgym, designed by an ophthalmologist, are hexagonal pinhole spectacles, which are believed to help train your eyes to focus. The brain will give the order to your eyes to focus within the holes thus exercising the eye's focusing muscles. Once you used them ( without any contact lenses ), you will be amazed of the effect.

You can use them when reading, watching TV or VDU computer screen. Although they do not totally block UV light, they are very comfortable when used as sun-glasses. Ophtalgym allows full-spectrum light thus allowing you to see objects in their natural colour with immediate adaptation once indoors. Unlike ordinary sun glasses which allow mono-spectrum light which might be harmful to your eyes.


Ozonated olive oil (Oxygel)

Ozonated olive oil in various forms has been used as a topical application for nearly 100 years and its efficacy is well established in problems such as acne, cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns, eczema, sunburn, skin infections, etc. It is also useful to apply it to the skin following a session of bagging limbs. 

Available in 50 ml concentrated jars of solidified olive oil, or freshly made less concentrated liquid ozonated extra virgin coldly pressed olive oil for internal or external use.

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Silica Capsules

  What is colloidal Silicea?
* Hubner's Silicea capsules contain the trace element of pure natural silica.
* It works to support connective tissue, strengthening hair, skin and nails from the inside out.
* Silica occurs naturally in our bodies. It is best absorbed in the colloidal form.

100% natural
No preservatives
GM free
Not tested on animals
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Silica is one of the most abundant minerals in the world, but you probably don't even know its there- all around you & inside you.
Every strand of hair, every inch of your skin, every millimetre of nail, every fibre of muscle & portion of bone in your body contains silica.

Where can you find Silica in your body?

Skin, bone, hair, nails, cartilage, lungs, pelvic floor, all connective tissues.
As we get older, our ability to absorb silica from our food decreases, all the same time as our need for it increases.

How can silica help?

Hair - Silica strengthens hair & gives it shine
Skin - Silica ensures that your skin is moisturised from the inside, leaving it healthy & supple.
Nails - Silica strengthens nails, improving their health & appearance.
Joints - Silica strengthens joints & tendons
Digestion - Silica helps digestive system complaints by soothing, protecting & helping to remove toxins.
Gums - Silica helps reduce inflammation of the gums.

So, Do you need silica?

count the number of these questions to which you respond "yes"

  1. Do you have more wrinkles than you think appropriate for your time of life?
  2. Is wrinkle prevention high on your list of concerns for the future?

  3. Is your skin tone not what it could be-dull, faded & far from fresh & dewy complexion of yore?

  4. Is your skin dehydrated?

  5. Is your skin slow to heal & quick to mark?

  6. Are you worried about the effect of UV rays on your skin?

  7. Do your fingernails peel?

  8. Are your fingernails weak & slow to grow?

  9. Is your hair thin or thinning?

  10. Is your hair lack-lustre or lank?

  11. Do you have regular indigestion or general digestive pain?

  12. Do you get acid reflux?

  13. Do you experience regular bloating?

  14. Do you often suffer from stomach upsets?

  15. Do you often eat processed foods, i.e.. convenience foods & fast food?

If you answer yes to  5 or less questions:
Congratulations, you probably have high silica content. Keep up the good work

If you answer yes to  5-10 questions

Whilst you are probably not suffering from an obvious silica deficiency yet, you would probably see the benefits from taking silica. After few months of taking silica you will notice an improvement in your appearance and general wellbeing.

If you answer yes to 10 or more questions
Take care! your answers indicate that you definitely need silica. We recommend you take 1 caps a day to improve your silica levels.

If you have any health concerns, you should consult your medical practitioner.


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