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Can Ozone therapy really help AIDS ?

We do not make any claims for curing HIV or AIDS.

Please bear in mind that we will be glad to assess people and supervise sessions but do not
‘treat’ AIDS or any other disease. The Clinic treats people - not disease. This e-document
is for information only. However people who ask the question "Can Ozone Therapy help HIV
and AIDS?" should read the information below and come to their own conclusions. A lot
more information is available than this. This is just the tip of the iceberg

From the video "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine"

Michael Carpendale has conducted scientific research with ozone for 22 years. In 1988,
he co-authored startling new evidence presented at the AIDS conference in Stockholm.
"We worked on the AIDS virus to try and see how quickly we could inactivate this and at
the same time compare it to what effect that had on a healthy white blood cell, and we
found that we could produce an enormous inactivation of the virus, reducing it from
a million verions down to no viruses at all at say 4 micrograms of ozone and twice that dose
had no adverse effect on the healthy white blood cell." In the FDA, drug companies have
representatives on nearly all the committees. If there's something that may be very
effective and may under sell the average drug company, of course their not going
to be very pleased if that gets developed. It might be very difficult for them to compete with
that, and ozone is obviously inexpensive to produce, it's very potent, and if it works...
if it works as half as well as the Germans claim it is, we should...everyone should be using it."

Threshold Film Inc. August 1993

Following transcript from Nexus magazine:
December 93 - January 94 Volume 2, Number 17

GN: This programme is Natural Living, and I'm Gary Null of WBAI, a public-supported radio station.
Tonight I'll be talking to Sue Ann Taylor, an investigative journalist...

GN: Sue, you recently returned from the Philippines where you observed and recorded
the effects of ozone treatment and a polyatomic apheresis therapy on a group of
HIV-positive and AIDS patients. Would you give us the background of this and why it is
so important that the people hear this story?

SAT: Well, I was researching for a documentary that I had been working on, called
Living Proof--People Walking Away >From AIDS Healthy, because I was finding more and
more evidence that there were things that were in fact working for some AIDS cases and/or
HIV-positive cases. In doing that research I came upon ozone therapy, and I also came
v upon all the controversy that surrounds it. So when I was offered the opportunity to
actually watch a trial happen first hand, in the Philippines, I jumped at the chance. I went
to the Philippines and I was stunned with what I saw, because I was expecting the entire
thing to take place in a sort of wing of a hospital, or something that looked a little bit more
like what I expected medicine to look like. It was actually a clinic that was set up rather ad
hoc to provide space to do justice to this trial, so I started out a little on the sceptical side,
not knowing what I was getting into. There were 19 HIV-positive people there, five of whom
had full-blown AIDS.

Over the course of about three weeks I watched the patients, or
participants as they preferred to be called--six of whom were in pretty bad shape--I
watched them go through some pretty remarkable transformations and I saw it happen
before my very own eyes. There's no amount of journalists or medical people who can tell
me that what I saw I didn't see. I saw people who were unable to walk, be able to walk again.
I saw people who were very, very ill just get considerably better, and all of the treatment
was cut short by a raid by the government. The Philippines government came in and shut
down the entire operation, and only about one-third of the prescribed amount of treatment
had been accomplished. It was a trial, so remember there wasn't an absolute number on
how much treatment they were going to need--that was part of what they were there to
establish--but one-third of what they were expecting would be close to the magic number
of hours on the machine, had been accomplished, and in that period of time remarkable
reversals in these people's conditions were evident.

Edited by Ruth Parnell from the transcript of a taped radio interview conducted in mid-1993
by Gary Null of WBAI, a public supported radio station in New York.
505 Eighth Avenue,19th Floor, New York, N.Y., USA. Ph: (212) 279-0707

Nathaniel Altman, author of "Oxygen Healing Therapies" (Health Arts Press), states:

"When I was in Cuba I interviewed one of the chemists doing research on the subject.
She said if a person infected with HIV receives ozone before it gets into the lymphatic and
bone systems, HIV can be killed and stopped right on the spot."3


More Oxygen/Ozone Info Relating to AIDSs

The following information has been re-produced with the kind permission of Ed "McCabe author of "Flood Your Body With Oxygen".

1988 Ed McCabe's "Oxygen Therapies" book details 5 AIDS patients returned to health by ozone therapy in Germany by Dr. Preuss.
1989 Medizone still being refused ozone/AIDS human testing permission despite 50 years of safe and effective use on hundreds of thousands in Germany. Medizone stock price still under a dollar.
1990 March 11 HIV infected blood was converted from HIV+ to HIV- in less than 16 seconds in vitro by inventor Basil Wainwright who commissioned Biotest Labs, Miami, Fl to test his recirculatory patient/blood/ozone closed loop "Polyatomic Apheresis" technology on blood from an AIDS patient. A Mr. James Pauls Sr. (HIV+) was treated, at a low flow recirculation rate of 50 to 70 millilitres per minute, in only eight treatments a 220% improvement in his T/4 cell response was achieved. FDA and Florida officials move in and the study is aborted midstream, and Wainwright jailed, being charged with "Practising medicine without a license," and "Fraud." FDA claims ozone has "no known medical applications." Strangely, police specifically look only for and seize all technical papers in raid of Wainwright home, instead of evidence of crimes he was charged with. High flow rate (350-450 millilitres of blood per min.) recirculatory equipment was in the final stages of development at the time of the raid.
1990 Michael Carpendale M.D. & Joel Freeberg M.D., Veteran's Administration Hospital, San Francisco, UC Medical School San Francisco, Bay Medical Research Foundation, San Francisco. Privately published medical paper: "Ozone Inactivates HIV At Noncytotoxic Concentrations "HIV p24 was reduced in all treated cultures compared to controls."
1991 Oct. 1st JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HAEMATOLOGY: MD's Wells, Latino, Galvachin, Poiesz finally published in U.S. medical journal. "Inactivation Of HIV Type 1 by Ozone In Vitro" In a major breakthrough for U.S. medical thinking, "Blood," a well respected establishment peer reviewed U.S. medical journal of haematology, published the research of Dr. Bernard Poiesz from Syracuse State University New York Research Hospital. They performed 15 replications of an ozone study that interfaced ozone with HIV infected factor 8 blood. The ozone completely removed the HIV virus from the blood, yet was non toxic to the normal healthy blood components. If ozone works so effectively (97 to 100% kill) on the most virulent recombinant virus known to man, how much more effective is it in the treatment of ALL the other lesser viruses, thereby negating the need for all the allopathic vaccines and antibiotics for polio, measles, chicken pox, mumps, swine flu, colds, legionnaire's disease, etc.? Think about it.
1991 Oct. Jim Caplan at CAPMED in Philadelphia sends all 150 top U.S. AIDS researchers copies of the Journal of Haematology report showing that ozone, when used as a viricide, eliminated HIV. He invites questions or responses. Not one response was received from any of these "top" researchers who use tax money to "find a cure."
1991 Dr. Robert Mayer (using ozone in his medical practice since the forties) has late stage AIDS patients in his research centre clinical study who only have a count of 5 T cells. Normal is 600- 1500+. Although they have a count of only 5 T cells, they are completely healthy. In a hope indicating development, the local FDA office told Dr. Mayer to go ahead and use ozone, as long as he only makes it himself in his own office.
1991 Movie and rock stars heroically donate, collectively and individually, millions of dollars to various places to "find a cure." Money disappears into The System, is never seen again.
1991 Sept issue of The National Health Federation's "Health Freedom News" prints an article calling for a Congressional investigation of the FDA. "The beneficiaries of these FDA policies are the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmacists, physicians, hospitals - and morticians - not the public... There is conclusive evidence that more than 150 top FDA officials own shares of pharmaceutical- company stock... the skewed policies of the FDA are heavily influenced by that fact."
1991 U.S. MD in southern state comes forward with clinical ozone/hyperbaric therapy results. Testing verified at major hospital and independent labs. 248 HIV POSITIVE patients were brought to HIV NEGATIVE, each within 60 Days. Swat team invades his house and office, including threatening his family at gunpoint, in order to seize his ozone machine, patient records and computer. He is brought up on charges of "Using an unapproved medical device" (his medical ozone generator). The MD gives up medicine, & turns to farming. His former patients feargoing public.
1991 Summer US big national talk show host is interviewing audience members and appearing concerned about AIDS. A man stands up & says he went to Germany and got ozone treatments and feels great. The big name host quickly took back the mike and said "Yeah, but I heard that doesn't work," whereupon the man quickly took back the mike and said "I don't care what they say, I'm going back for more!" The audience broke out in a spontaneous burst of applause for him. The host quickly changed the subject. Mistrust of authority is growing. Meanwhile, the AMA hires "image consultants" to repair the sagging image and lost revenues of allopathic (drug oriented) medicine. Start showing cutesy ads on TV saying "Care about the environment." Industry analyst says on national TV, "I don't care about their image, they better start using therapies that work."
1991 2 US MD's come forward with clinical combination ozone/DMSO results. 9 patients brought from HIV POSITIVE to HIV NEGATIVE - each within 30 days. Neither doctor will allow details or their names to be used due to fear of reprisals.
1991 New York physician comes forward with clinical ozone results. Staff member brought from HIV POSITIVE to HIV NEGATIVE. T-cells go from 700 down to 150 as ozone kills off diseased cells, and then back up to 11,000 as the body replaces them with fresh, new, healthy cells.
1991 Dec "Prime Time Live" has first US TV network segment mentioning medical ozone use - in this case by a by Dr. Roka in Switzerland. Even though the AIDS patient who was interviewed had only started using the treatment two weeks previously, he gave a glowing report on ozone therapy saying he "Hasn't felt this good in a long time... and was going to call his mother and tell her!" The network ended the segment with a supposed "expert" US doctor, - an "expert" with no clinical training or experience in any oxidative modality - who by implication assured all the viewers that any ozone users would become "demented." No mention is made in the program that the TV networks have interlocking directorates with companies selling competing products (drugs), and therefore have vested interests in seeing ozone discredited.

1992 Sept - Dec. Dr. Michael Ingraham Nassau, Bahamas finished a three month study of the Polyatomic unit treating 20 AIDS patients. 7 turned p24 negative
1992 Nov. Dr. Michael Ingraham in his Bahamian clinic, using the Polyatomic Apheresis equipment reports an AIDS patient going p24 negative.
1993 Jan 9th Ed McCabe, during a lecture to the Human Ecology Action League in room 218 of the Hunter School of Health Sciences in New York City, presents to the media and those assembled 4 patients, three who were AIDS patients, and one cancer patient who had ozone therapy. One AIDS patient was PCR negative, two were p24 and Western Blot negative, and the cancer patient had watched a tumour the size of a "kiwi fruit" (5.5cm mass) disappear from her liver. All cases had complete before and after medical documentation. Mr. Carl Vollmer paid all expenses for two of the AIDS patients to be treated in Mexico so we could start getting solid data for critics to see. He was arrested in NYC for stating ozone could turn people HIV negative. 1993 Jan 13, 4 days after Ed McCabe presents reversed AIDS cases to NYC public... Mr. Carl Vollmer is the man who never took a dime from anyone for treatments, but as a humanitarian, out of his own pocket, paid for the two AIDS patients to be housed, fed, and treated for sixty days. Mr Vollmer suddenly has 4 of the NYC Attorney General Police descend upon his office. Wearing bullet-proof vests they stayed six and one half hours seizing documents, files, addresses, letters, contacts, investments, bank records, and video tapes. They seized everything having to do with the clinic in Mexico, completely shutting it down in the middle of their trying to get the data the NIH is asking for, and thus preventing it from surfacing.

Ed McCabe's testimony given to the National Institute of Health 18th June 1992, Bethseda Maryland:6

"I have kept in continual contact with 6 U.S. MD's who, independent of each other, have collectively reported bringing over 300 AIDS patients to HIV negative status, including complete eradication of any secondary disease factors such as energy loss, weight loss, diarrhoea, etc. I have also interviewed many AIDS patients who have been getting ozone therapy on their own, and all those who followed good protocols reported an immediate increase in energy, weight gain, and T cell stabilisation or increase in a few weeks. The most notable of the ozone physicians to date is Dr. James Boyce, who brought 237 AIDS patients to health, each within 30 days. His results were verified by major independent lab testing before and after. Like most doctors in our country who have bravely tried to help their patients with ozone therapy, Dr. Boyce has subsequently been attacked by several government agencies trying to put him out of business. Therefore, he cannot appear here today due to the advice of his attorneys. However, he has expressed a desire to work with the committee in the future. While our country reels from the impact of AIDS, this physician, who has the best documented track record in the country of treating and perhaps even eliminating AIDS, now spends his days farming instead of practising the medicine he was so proficient at."

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