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1 Kitten born on 21/05/2015 @ 12:00 to

Luna & Safari

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5 Kittens born on 04/06/2015 between 23:30 to 01:30 to

Tiffany& Safari

Kitten only available after 12 weeks of age

I decided to keep Miss Cute & called her Juliet

I watch my babies 24/7 with Cameras & Baby monitor
 I can access all the Cams from my iphone anywhere.
When a baby is crying, I look at the Cam straight away,
One can be struggling to get to nurse from his/her Mom
or gets lost behind Tiffany needing help to get back to the front.

I spent the 1st 3 weeks, next to them, basing my self with them in my bedroom
 making sure they are ok. Giving them tummy massaging (vital to make sure they are eliminating)
Occasional drops of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) with some added oxygen, vits & minerals drop
some need it more than others Placing them by their Mom
 making sure they are breast feeding.

To read my 1st full personal experience of 2013 litter & summery of further litters
click on breeding
  page then "Personal experience"

To Identify the kittens below,

I gave the kittens temporary Nick names followed by last 4 digits of their microchip

For example:   SPB1234 = Seal Point Boy 1234 <== microchip last 4 digits

5 Kittens At birth to Tiffany

A touching rare picture of the 1st baby showing inside the Amniotic Sac during labour

Tiffany's Kittens at 4 days of age

Luna's boy moved out from the whelping box, enjoying his new space
His cousins at 2 weeks of age still need the cosiness of the whelping box

Did my invention work? not really, only 2 used it, video on facebook

From one of my CCTV cams. All resting peacefully at night - Luna's boy enjoying his new bed.

some of Tiffany's Kittens at 4 weeks of age

The God Father Luna's boy (7 weeks) in the middle with Tiffany's Kittens at 5 weeks of age

Meet My Yoda with Princess Leia -:)

All my Kittens have blue eyes, but this one has the most amazing blu eyes I have ever seen

One of Tiffany's Kittens at 5 weeks of age

Some of Tiffany's Kittens at 6 weeks of age

Mr Yoda & The Lioness - Some of Tiffany's Kittens at 6 weeks of age

Luna's Kitten At birth

Kitten At 2 days of age

Luna's boy At 7 days of age - started to show some colour

Luna's boy At 20 days of age - eyes open & started purring, playing & sitting

Luna's boy with one of his Cousins who are 2 weeks younger

Peakabouuu.... Luna's boy At 4 weeks of age - beautiful lovely age period from now on

Luna's boy @ 8 weeks

Is that a kitten rug? :) how sweet

Mr Yoda, seal point boy the most loving

Mr Yoda

Sleeping with the brush & my Poodle Mickey

Is that a box of kittens?

Tiffany's kittens @ 8 weeks of age

What on earth is that? Alien ... both are wondering

Seal Point Mr Yoda with his best friend Mickey

Mr Calm - BPB2253 - Blue Point Boy - The Calmest
All my Kittens have blue eyes, but this one has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen


Mr Yoda - SPB2219 - seal point boy the most loving

Luna's boy SPB1785 - Seal Point Boy - he is 2 weeks older than Tiffany's kittens

Luna's boy SPB1785 - Seal Point Boy
moved to a lovely home already @ 14 weeks of age


Miss Cute - SPG1185 - Seal Point Girl  - I decided to keep her & called her Juliet

The Lioness - SPG1977 - Seal Point Girl


SPG2339 - Seal Point Girl
Moved to a loving home in London


Pictures will be added regularly


With Each Kitten, you will get

* Pedigree with 4 generations
* Vet's Health certificate - with vaccinated
* Vet's Vaccination booklet - Optional
* Treatment record (weight chart, worming, vaccinations)
* Copies of DNA testing certificates of parents
* Our "Kitten Care Guide" booklet
* GCCF registration transfer document
* Transfer document signed by me & you
* Microchip # & "Petlog" reg. transfer document
* Kitten Starter Pack (Optional for an extra fee)
* Royal Canin "The Kitten Book" when in stock
* CD-Rom- pictures & videos since the Kitten's Birth
* 4 weeks Free insurance (optional)
* My continuous support & advice, phone & email

Kitten Starter pack
(Optional  extra) 50

Colour & style may vary from the picture subject to availability

All you need when you collect your kitten for 50

* Foldable Cat carrier        

* Double bowl (food/water)

* Cat bed

* Litter tray

* Cat Brush

* Litter Scoop

* Scratch Post

* Kitten Care Guide

* Mini bag of toys

* A box to carry them all

Optional Extras
More information & a sub page (link) will be added soon

* Microchip Pet feeder

* Feeder cover opens only when the cat/dog approaches the feeder
Protect your pet food from flies
* Keep the food fresh
* Select which pet can access which food type

* Microchip Cat Flap * Selective entry (only your cat can enter through the flap)
* No collars or tags needed
Will also work with RFID tag (included) if you do not wish to microchip your pet
* Microchip Cat Flap Dual Scan * Selective entry & exit
* Choose which cat is allowed out.
* Microchip Pet Door

* Slightly larger suitable also for small dogs

All come with UK Manufacturer warranty

Microchip Pet feeder

Plus Free Food & Litter

* Cat's Best Litter
Safe for kittens when swallowed & they will. Natural from plants & bio-degradable

* Royal Canin Mother & Babycat OR RC Indoor long hair
Specially formulated for mothers and kittens 1 - 4 months of age . Important for their development
After that I recommend Royal Canine Indoor 35 (long hair)


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