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Kittens born on 29/03/14 to

Tiffany & Safari

( between 9:00 & 10:00 )

Some Kittens will be available around 21/06/14

I watch my babies 24/7 with Cameras & Baby monitor
 I can access all the Cams from my iphone anywhere.
When a baby is crying, I look at the Cam straight away,
One can be struggling to get to nurse from his/her Mom
or gets lost behind Tiffany needing help to get back to the front.

I spent the 1st 3 weeks, next to them, basing my self with them in my bedroom
 making sure they are ok. Giving them tummy massaging (vital to make sure they are eliminating)
Occasional drops of KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer), some needed more than others
Placing them by their Mom - Tiffany - making sure they are breast feeding.

To read my 1st full personal experience of 2013 litter & summery of further litters
click on breeding
  page then "Personal experience"

Kittens At birth

I am keeping one female - I believe she will be a Lilac Point that I named  - Khaleesi
my Future Queen, she will give birth in the future to lighter points patterns (lilac, Blue etc..)

Kittens with their Mom after Labour & Delivery

Kittens at 5 days (all healthy & gaining weight)

Kittens at 2 weeks ( eyes partially opened )

Luna taking care of her new brothers & sisters
Luna with a baby face still grew bigger than her Mom
From the previous litter of the same
parents, stays all the time with her Mom Tiffany
supporting her, taking care of her new brothers & sisters
She often jumps into the Kittens box, licks the mom & the Kittens

Khaleesi at 2 weeks - eyes started opening
( my Future Queen, I am keeping her for my self )

Khaleesi at 2 weeks & 2 days

Kittens at 3 weeks
eyes almost fully open, they are sitting, playing with each others
& wondering round in their specially made whelping box
In case you are wondering, the wooden bars in the whelping box
prevent suffocation if a kitten gets lost behind their mom,
gives them an escape route & breathing space

* Boy (middle front) expected to be standard Seal or Chocolate point (SP)
Girl (middle back) expected to be standard Seal point or Chocolate (SP)
* Boy
(front left) expected to be Ultra Seal point (like his father) (USP)

SP & USP will be used as Temporary reference for simplicity

* Girl (front right) expected to be Lilac point that I named Khaleesi
my future Queen
(I am keeping her) = NOT Available

Kittens at 4 weeks - 2 days
Difficult to catch them standing still unless half asleep

SP & USP = Temporary reference for simplicity

Khaleesi at 4 weeks, loves to pose

Khaleesi Lilac Point Girl at 4 weeks & 2 days
They are all very playful, reactive when I enter the room - lovely age


Seal Point boy at 4 weeks
As explained The colour will settle as they grow

Seal Point boy at 4 weeks & 2 days
As explained The colour will settle as they grow

Ultra  Seal Point boy at 4 weeks & 2 days
As explained The colour will settle as they grow

Seal Point Girl at 4 weeks & 2 days
As explained The colour will settle as they grow

This is Luna - my baby from 2013 litter, she loves her brothers & sisters
stay with them most of the day helping her mom Tiffany

Few of my babies relaxing in my bedroom

Sebby loves the newborn kittens too

Khaleesi - 4 weeks & 4 days - cliff hanging

SP Boy - 4 weeks & 4 days - cliff hanging

Happy Family

Khaleesi - 6 weeks

SP Boy - 6 weeks (might turn up to be Chocolate Point or Seal Point)

USP Boy - 6 weeks (the colour is clearer)
Colour will keep changing slightly as they grow

 Khaleesi - 8 weeks

Seal Point Boy at 8 weeks

Seal Point girl at 8 weeks

Ultra Seal Point Boy at 8 weeks

Khaleesi July 14

All The Kittens

This baby loves sneaking from behind the computer
& watch me working at my PC

USP Boy loves to sleep in the plant pot

Typical Boy Play

SP Girl  July 14

USP Boy New picture
his final colours are revealed more, lightened up (new picture below)

SP Girl Aug 14 - Zara - Moved to a home in London

SP Girl Aug 14 - Zara

SPBoy BuddyBoy in his new home near Bristol

Khaleesi Aug 14 - My Future Queen - Stayed with me

Me & Zorro Watching The Muppet Show

Zorro at 8 months - I got attached to him, so he stays with me
I discovered also he carries the Chocolate & the Dilute Genes (DNA tested)
Means his children could be the beautiful rare Lilac &/or ChocolatePoints

Update :   Zara - aka Caramel
have won 3 prizes in 3 categories @ Cat Show of:
The London Cat Club & Surrey & Sussex Cat Club
on 21/03/15



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