Cold Laser Therapy

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Cold Laser Therapy


  • Pain relief
  • Wound healing
  • Sports Injuries
  • Bone repair
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Dermatology
  • Nerve Regeneration
  • Laser acupuncture
  • Relieve pain in muscle and joints
  • Relieve muscle spasms and joint contractions
  • Help reduce swelling
  • Promote healing in injured tissues
  • Relieve tightness in the body tissues



Laser therapy is proven and professionally used in medicine for restoring normal cellular function. It’s natural, non-invasive treatment with no side effects, no cross infections.

Laser therapy is used to improve blood circulation, accelerating tissue repair and relief the pain. It increases the efficiency of traditional physiotherapy and conventional treatment.


It’s advised to consult with a therapy professional about the laser therapy dosage and best treatment method.

Apply laser by pointing directly to the point you are treating. Hold the laser an inch above the skin to allow it to cool.

For skin surface treatment, 3-7min. application is sufficient.

For deep tissue and bone treatment, apply for 10-20min. Apply for 7-10 days then make 3-5 days break. Then repeat the treatment cycle for as long as you feel necessary.


Dosage is the main factor of satisfactory laser therapy. “The World Association of Laser Therapy” (WALT) has looked into a number of common ailments and compiled a list of recommended doses. According to WALT, recommended dosage ranges from 4-16 J/cm.sq. on the target tissue or bone.

Dosage is a combination of the laser power and therapy time. Most personal use lasers are not powerful enough to achieve significant effect or requires impractically long therapy time.

With 510mW laser output, HD-CURE MAX is one of the most powerful personal use cold laser therapy device on the market. It can deliver the WALT recommended dosage within the therapy time of 1-15 min.


Laser wavelength: 808nm and 650nm

Power Max. 510mW

808nm – 3 infra-red diodes - adjustment grades 150-300-450mW
650nm – 12 red diodes 5mW each

Mode: Pulse and continuous

Time settings: 15-60 min., 5 minutes intervals.

Power adjustment grades (808nm laser only) and applications:

  • Grade 1 (210 mW) - Surface tissue therapy for healing burns, ulcers and wounds.
  • Grade 2 (360 mW) - Surface and deeper tissue therapy for inflammation and not deep tissue pain.
  • Grade 3 (510 mW) - Deep tissue therapy, inflammation and deep tissue pain.


What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound machines use mechanical vibrations at increasing frequencies which is known as sound energy. The sound waves are too high for the human ear to hear. These ultrasound waves travel from the device through the skin and into the body. Gel is used between the sound head of the ultrasound machine and the skin to help the sound waves enter your body.

How does ultrasound work?

Ultrasound waves produce energy from the vibrations which creates the effect of deep heat in your muscles and joints. The deep heat of ultrasound increases the blood flow to the area being treated. This blood brings nutrients and carries away waste. This helps to promote healing and decreases swelling. The heat produced can also help muscles to relax which has a therapeutic effect.

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